A full-time doctoral scholarship starting in September 2024. The scholarships include a tuition fee waiver and an annual stipend. The School also offers a research support allowance to cover conferences, courses, fieldwork, or other academic activities. Additionally, full-time scholars are typically offered the opportunity to undertake paid teaching support activities each academic year.

This scholarship focuses on the theme: “Sustainable Climate Policy: Economic, Social, and Environmental Dimensions of Carbon Pricing Instruments.”

Nº de ref. SoSS-2024-006

First Supervisor: Dr. Claudia Aravena.

Department: Economics

Campus: Edinburgh

In its commitment to addressing climate change through decarbonizing the economy, the UK and other countries have set the ambitious goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Some of the policy mechanisms considered include carbon pricing and carbon markets (e.g., cap and trade systems, voluntary carbon markets). This research project aims to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the design and effects of carbon pricing instruments through a multidimensional approach, studying the complex interactions between carbon pricing policies and their broader socioeconomic and environmental implications. Specific research topics include, among others: the impact of carbon pricing and carbon markets on decision-making and industry competitiveness; economic growth, equity, justice, social opposition/acceptability; impact on vulnerable communities, and effectiveness in emissions reduction. The project is open to analyzing one or multiple countries, with a particular interest in comparisons between developed and developing countries. The research may employ a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis with advanced econometrics, surveys, and interviews.

For informal inquiries, please contact Dr. Claudia Aravena at c.aravena@hw.ac.uk.

In addition to meeting the general criteria for doctoral admission, candidates for this project are desirable to have a Master’s degree in Economics or a closely related field.

Link for detailed information https://www.hw.ac.uk/uk/scholarships/soss-phd-scholarships-edinburgh-business.htm