Welcome to LAERE

The Latin American Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (LAERE) is an international scientific association with the following mission:

  • To foster collaboration and exchange of ideas among researchers, students, and policymakers working on environmental and resource economics issues in Latin America.
  • To contribute to the design and implementation of science-based policies aimed at improving the management of natural resources and achieving sustainable development in the region.
  • To develop and promote cooperation among universities, research institutions, government agencies, international organizations, NGOs, and private companies working in the field of Environmental and Resource Economics in Latin America.

LAERE was founded in 2017 by a group of Latin American researchers who, after over 10 years of meeting at Environmental and Resource Economics conferences worldwide, became co-authors and friends.

Over the past twenty years, the number of researchers in the region working in this field has increased significantly. LAERE reaches this critical mass and follows in the footsteps of previous efforts (such as ALEAR and LACEEP) to build a cohesive community of researchers and professionals.

Currently, LAERE has members throughout Latin America, as well as in Europe and the United States. Membership is open to individuals who, by their profession, education, and/or work, are involved in Environmental and Resource Economics as a science with a focus on Latin American issues.

In the near future, LAERE will join efforts with universities, research centers, and other organizations in the region to offer advanced training to its members and the general public. The editing of special issues in high-profile international journals will also be sought and promoted by the LAERE Board of Directors

Currently, LAERE has the support of the global Environment for Development EfD Initiative and its center in Colombia, REES.