• Type of employment: Fixed-term employment, 2.5 years.
  • Extent: Full time position.
  • Location: Department of Economics, University of Concepción, Concepción (Chile).
  • First day of employment: at the latest September 1st, 2018  Reference number: NENRE-EfD-01

The Department of Economics, University of Concepción, offers a research position. The department has a staff of 12 people. In terms of research, the core strengths include marine resource and aquaculture economics. The Chilean EfD center includes environmental economics, climate change and ecosystem services as well. The Environment for Development (EfD) Initiative. EfD is a capacity building program in environmental economics focusing on research, policy interaction, and academic programs. Find more information about the department at and information about EfD via:  

Please join us at the following sessions organized by LAERE:

June 28th, 13:45-15:30. Room : Handels: E45
Policy session: Pressing environmental problems in Latin America: Knowledge gaps and research needs to inform better policy-making
Panelists: Alejandro Lopez-Feldman, Chair, Francisco Alpizar, Rodrigo Arriagada, Pontificia, Allen Blackman, Carlos Chavez, Santiago Guerrero, José Luis Samaniego, and María Alejandra Vélez.

June 29th, 8:30-10:15. Room: Handels: CG-room
Thematic Session: Fisheries in Latin America: Insights and lessons for resource management.

  1. Managing and Defending the Commons: Experimental Evidence     from TURFs in Chile. Carlos Chavez, James Murphy, John Stranlund.
  2. Gender and natural resource management in the framework of a conservation agreement: Experimental evidence for the mangrove in the Colombian Pacific. Yady Marcela Barrero, Jorge Maldonado.
  3. The role of pro-social motivations in the economic valuation of strategic ecosystems: combining standard valuation techniques, participatory valuation, and experimental games. Jorge Maldonado, Rocio del Pilar Moreno-Sanchez, Juan Pablo Henao-Henao.

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