LAERE is present at the WCERE 2018!

LAERE is present at the WCERE 2018!

Please join us at the following sessions organized by LAERE:

June 28th, 13:45-15:30. Room : Handels: E45
Policy session: Pressing environmental problems in Latin America: Knowledge gaps and research needs to inform better policy-making
Panelists: Alejandro Lopez-Feldman, Chair, Francisco Alpizar, Rodrigo Arriagada, Pontificia, Allen Blackman, Carlos Chavez, Santiago Guerrero, José Luis Samaniego, and María Alejandra Vélez.

June 29th, 8:30-10:15. Room: Handels: CG-room
Thematic Session: Fisheries in Latin America: Insights and lessons for resource management.

  1. Managing and Defending the Commons: Experimental Evidence     from TURFs in Chile. Carlos Chavez, James Murphy, John Stranlund.
  2. Gender and natural resource management in the framework of a conservation agreement: Experimental evidence for the mangrove in the Colombian Pacific. Yady Marcela Barrero, Jorge Maldonado.
  3. The role of pro-social motivations in the economic valuation of strategic ecosystems: combining standard valuation techniques, participatory valuation, and experimental games. Jorge Maldonado, Rocio del Pilar Moreno-Sanchez, Juan Pablo Henao-Henao.


And don’t miss the following presentations from LAERE members!

June 26th, 08:30-10:15.Thematic session: Developing Country Forest Policy Impact Evaluation. Room : Handels: SKF.
Is Collective Titling Enough to Protect Forests? Evidence from Afro-descendants Communities in the Colombian Pacific Region. Juan Robalino, María Alejandra Vélez, Juan Camilo Cardenas, Andrea Paz, Eduardo Pacay.
The Net Effect of Concessions on Forest Loss: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Mexico. Allen Blackman, Laura Villalobos.

June 26th, 08:30-10:15. Thematic session: Collective Incentives & Group Dynamics facing Natural Resource Dilemmas: Evidence on Collective Action from Lab Experiments in the Field. Room: Handels: CG-room.
Collective Incentives for Cleaner Small-Scale Production on Developing Frontiers: rewarding aggregate compliance in a lab experiment with artisanal gold miners in the Pacific region of Colombia. María Alejandra Vélez, Luz Rodriguez, Alexander Pfaff.

June 26th, 16:00-17:45. Policy session: The Impacts of Climate Change Acts: Emissions, Policies, and Public Opinion. Room: Handels:E43.
Chair: Simon Matti, Panelists: Sam Fankhauser, Sarah Louise Nash, Alejandro Lopez-Feldman, Ola Alterå.

June 27th, 12:15-13:45. Poster session. Room: Handels: C34
Bioenergy Prospects in Mexico: Biorefineries at the West Region. Hector Nuñez.

June 27th, 13:45-15:30. Thematic session: Impact Analysis of Forest Conservation Policies and Projects. Room: Handels: E45.
Additionality in Communal PES programs: evidence from Ecuador’s Socio Bosque.
Rodrigo Arriagada.

June 28th, 16:00-16:40. Egg-timer: Energy and Carbon. Room: Handels: Volvo.
Financing Energy Efficiency Retrofits in Chilean Households - The Role of financial instruments, savings and uncertainty. Claudia Aravena-Novielli, Alejandra Schueftan, Rene Reyes.

June 29th, 8:30-10:15. Spatial Issues in Environment. Room: Handels: F44. Spatial Spillovers in the Implicit Market Price of Soil Erosion: an estimation
Marcelo Caffera, Felipe Vasquez, Daniel Rodriguez, Ignacio Hernandez, Leonidas Carrasco, Mariela Buonomo

June 29th, 08:30-10:15. Thematic session: Climate Change and Extreme events: Mitigation of their impact through optimal policy design. Room : Handels: Aulan.
Vulnerability and adaptation of smallholder farmers to extreme weather events: A case study of maize and bean farmers in Central America. Milagro Saborio-Rodriguez, Francisco Alpizar, Ruth Martinez, Celia Harvey, Raffaele Vignola, Leyla Aguilar-Solano, Barbara Viguera.

June 29th, 13:45-15:30. Risk: Preferences and behavior. Room: Handels: B32.
Measuring farmers risk attitudes: comparing stated preference methods and incentivized experiments. Maria Naranjo, Francisco Alpizar, Peter Martinsson

June 29th, 13:45-15:30. Behavioral Economics and the Environment. Room: Handels: B22.
Influence of Green Network Effect and Incentive on Choice of Star Labeled Cars in India: A Latent Class Approach based on Choice Experiment. Charu Grover, Sangeeta Bansal, Adan L. Martinez-Cruz.

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